lizzi mack

lizzi mack

New York Peeps captures  the life everyday New Yorkers through street photography.  They’re all here,  the young, the old, the bold, the boozers, the beautiful ~ even if you were hit with the ugly stick, you’re on here because I see your beauty.   I’m no professional ~ just a NY’er with a camera capturing life from my side of town, with an unabashed bias for Greenwich Village & below.

Most of the pictures are of people I don’t know, well at least not upon the initial approach. Usually within a few minutes, I’ve made a new acquaintance & no encounter is ever the same. It always amazes me that I can walk out the same door everyday & have drastically different experiences time & again.

I also offer some unconventional tourist advice mostly because I know that people would have a more fulfilling NYC experience if they ditched the shinny brochures got off the beaten path of Times Square & 5th Ave ~ places that many New Yorkers avoid at all costs. So enjoy the snapshots, feel free to leave a comment & as my Granny would say “Tanks fer comin’!”

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